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Cracking Open the Brain Jar

– Me, with Mira and Dyau’s ‘special appearances’ in the mirrors on the wall –

I totally meant my brain in the title up there. The past few days and this whole week have been filled to the brim with assignments, test, coding and whatnot. It’s a little bit overwheming and I’m getting bored of just about everything. It doesn’t make sense, but who cares?

Photoshoot: This morning, our planned class photoshoot for the Salam Perantauan was foiled by the sudden morning rain. Instead of Albert Park, we had the brief session at the Old Government House. Well, the rooms there are awesome, so I don’t actually mind. Those super cushy I’m-A-Mafia-Boss armchairs are pretty awesome too. Haha~

Dinner Slideshow: Flash died on me two hours ago when I was trying a few tricks that I thought I’d put on the dinner video (retro effects, remember?). I guess I’d give up flash for the time being and go with After Effects instead. I have the concept all planned out, but I seriously need lots of videos instead of just photos to make the video more appealing. See, I’m already calling it a video instead of a slideshow. I blame it on the awesomenes of After Effects. Totally.  Since I’ll probably be withdrawing myself from most multimedia-related works next year, I’ll try to make this slideshow stands out.

Paint Tool SAI: I have no idea why I didn’t use this software before. It’s beyond awesome. I love how easy the drawing tools glide on the canvas. The fact that it doesn’t consume a lot of memory is a big plus. Photoshop always slows down my computer and Painter loves to die on me every once in a while. Heck, Gimp sometimes performs better than Photoshop itself; that or Vista is too much of an idiot to go properly with those softwares. In just a day, SAI moves up to be the number 1 on my list of favourite softwares of all time alongside Manga Studio and Comicworks.

I have a test tomorrow and I waste my time on random things? Great.

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