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Custom Unique URLs for Blogspot & Tumblr

2011 is the time to be unique. Starting from next year, many things would start afresh. New mobile numbers would start with 011 followed by 8 long trail of numbers. We have new KSSR for primary kids, among other things, but I’m not going to crap about primary or secondary education in this entry. I could go on forever.

For those who have their blogs hosted on blogspot or tumblr, why not get yourself a new blog address that’s not bound to you.tumblr.com or you.blogspot.com? You don’t have to move or tweak anything related to your blog content, you just change the address. You don’t even have to worry about losing readership as your readers will automagically load your new blog addresses when they go to your old URLs. It might, however, affect your page rank. Honestly speaking, I don’t give a damn about PR, so whatever. Any pro-page rank comment or smart ass comment will go down the drain.

Let’s keep this entry jargon-free, shall we? Here’s a (not quite) checklist.
✓ You’re a casual blogger who isn’t planning to make 1 million moolahs out of your blog
✓ You blog for fun, and you want to inject some element of fun into your blog, starting from your URL
✓ You want to change from a-super-lame-and-long-subdomain-name to one that just screams you

The most fun way to change your blog address is to get yourself a subdomain from freeDNS @ http://freedns.afraid.org. There are thousands of domains that you can choose to be a subdomain of, even http://yourchoice.afraid.org. Registration is extremely easy. You can start creating subdomains right away.


So after you’ve registered and confirmed your e-mail address, welcome yourself to the simple and straightforward interface. First, you’ll want to choose your subdomain. Click on [add] and proceed with the next screen. At the dropdown for ‘Domain’, choose any of the suggested domains or click on ‘Many many more available’ and then the ‘Shared Domain Registry’. Find the domain you like from the extensive registry of domain names and click on the name that you want to bring you back the subdomain setup screen.

The subdomain can be anything you want. Your name, or whatever.

Blogspot Blogs
Here’s an example of setting up a subdomain name for blogspot blogs. Do ignore the crude name example 😐

My new blogspot address would then become http://whatta.shit.la

Tumblr Tumblelog
Here’s an example of setting up a subdomain name for Tumblr tumblelogs:

My tumblelog URL would then change to http://1827.bot.nu

Save and voila!


Blogspot Blogs
1. From your dashboard, navigate to Settings >> Publishing.
2. Click on ‘Custom domains’.
3. On the next page, click ‘Switch to advanced setting’.
4. Enter your subdomain name that you’ve set up and save all changes. Just like that, you have a new unique blog address 🙂

Tumblr Tumblelog
1. From your dashboard, choose the tumblelog you want to edit (if you have more than one) and ‘Customize’.
2. Under ‘Info, ✓ the box ‘Use a custom domain’.
3. Enter your subdomain name that you’ve set up and save all changes. Just like that, you have a new unique blog address 🙂

There you go, one of my hobbies. I love how unique I can make my web addresses even when I don’t buy a new domain name. I also enjoy looking at blogs with interesting URLs. Enjoy your new addresses if you go through with the steps~

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