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    Birthday and Sailing Experience

    decks01Yesterday was my birthday, and I have to say that it was probably the dullest birthday I’ve ever had. First, I forgot about it until late Friday night. I was like, “Wait, today’s 25th? So tomorrow’s my birthday? Huh??”. That just goes to say that time just moves too fast for my brain to catch up. Seriously. It’s been raining non-stop in Auckland the past couple of weeks. It rained yesterday too, of course. I spent the day indoor listening to the strong wind howling throughout the whole apartment. It was a downright creepy sound too. Before I knew it, the day was over and 27th came (Happy Birthday Akmar!!).

    But today is like a wonderful post-birthday celebration of sorts. Our class went on a sailing trip (though we were on two separate boats). It’s the first sailing trip I’ve ever had and it’s probably going to be the last one too.  Can’t afford it otherwise (this trip was sponsored, so…). I’d rather spend the money traveling on planes to different continents if I can afford the luxury. The wind was nice. The view was nice once we get past the docks. No one got seasick~ We were practically standing on the seats.

    At first, we were so in the ‘BOAT RACING!’ mood, but then the wind was too nice to even think about competing. Lol. Just before we end the trip, our boats docked side by side where everybody brought out the cakes and sang a birthday song to Akmar and I. The cakes were also meant for Eid 😉 I didn’t know there was going to be cakes. The cheesecake was awesomely delicious. Just a little bit saltier than usual but delicious nonetheless. Next comes the lunch. Fried rice from Angie’s Kitchen. The best thing was that…

    …we ended up eating lunch where it says ‘No passengers on decks‘. Pfft. Just like us. Just like in the picture;  it was taken where we definitely shouldn’t be at.

    This trip, I have to say, is a very memorable one for me. After the dull day yesterday, this Sunday is definitely several times more awesome.

    Now I have to return to my deadly EDUC348 assignment. For some reasons, I’m not freaking out at all although I’m calling it ‘deadly’. Hmm. I must have snapped.

    p.s/What’s with the sudden onslaught of Russian spams? They were in Russian before, but now the comments are in English. The comments are so funny too. Pfft.I guess spammers really do try so hard to fail at life evn though they’re already so full of fail

    p.p.s/ Mom, I’m not as anti-social as you think, lol. I’m just an indoor kind of person, like a disproportionate chubby, overweight hamster that’s too comfortable in its cage ♥♥♥

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    Aidilfitri Celebration at The Cambridge and other stuff

    C4 Cake

    Isn’t the cake cute? I love it. The one who made it is cute too ♥♥

    Eid Mubarak! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all Muslims around the world. I know the first of Syawal was yesterday for the most par of the world, but for us in New Zealand, it’s today on Monday. One extra day of fasting for us over here. This is my last Aidilfitri in New Zealand, yay! I miss celebrating with my family and friends.

    • We had lots of food. Every apartment (or any group) brought at least one dish. Mira and I made Nasi Himpit and Kuah Kacang. Other food include cupcakes, chocolate mudcakes, assorted cookies, lontong, beef rendang, different types of rice vermicelli etc. We totaly stuffed ourselves silly (not really).
    • Playing and singing to Guitar Hero on the X-Box with Sheryll. I should get the video uploaded after the internet quota is reset tonight.
    • Staying back with Mira to play Scene It! with Nigel, Wira, Dyau and Faris. Most of us were guessing wildly at the most part anyway. Well, I’m totally not a movie person, so yeah… Clicking ABXY randomly is fun.
    • Randomly washing the dishes and brought back leftovers from the party XD Since Mira and I are so sadly and poorly broke, we appreciate the extra food for storage. Really.
    • Need to cook chicken rendang for our apartment. For our own celebration (somewhat), even though we’re broke like whoa.
    • I think a certain someone should totally be disowned/banned from our cohort. I don’t care if she finds this entry. This is beyond rational. I bet she regrets being a member of Cohort 4, and I bet she thinks of most of us as lower than her standard – whatever that standard happens to be. Not that I care. Go and join your circle of friends. Go on. Don’t come to meetings with Sheryll, please. Disregarding prety much everything Cohort4 organises means you’re totally out, so go.

    Regarding that old, old OLD post about Tesco Kota Bharu

    One sentence from me: Shut the hell up, you racists.

    I wish people would read the posting date before leaving comments, because seriously, commenting on entries over a year old makes them seem pretty stupid.

    What the hell is up with random visitors from Malaysia googling for Tesco Kota Bharu and leaving retarded, simple-minded derogatory comments smelling heavily of racism on my entry written almost two years ago? Why do you care what I’ve got to say? This is my place, so I get to have my say. Go write your own blog entry, retards. I’m well aware that I’m being rude and I’m not sorry. If they can leave thoughtless comments, I can respond crudely as well.

    You try building your own business empire if you’ve got so many things to say. Empty words may sound pretty to you, but they stink like rotten fish in reality. Stupid racists and stupid simpletons.

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    Cracking Open the Brain Jar

    – Me, with Mira and Dyau’s ‘special appearances’ in the mirrors on the wall –

    I totally meant my brain in the title up there. The past few days and this whole week have been filled to the brim with assignments, test, coding and whatnot. It’s a little bit overwheming and I’m getting bored of just about everything. It doesn’t make sense, but who cares?

    Photoshoot: This morning, our planned class photoshoot for the Salam Perantauan was foiled by the sudden morning rain. Instead of Albert Park, we had the brief session at the Old Government House. Well, the rooms there are awesome, so I don’t actually mind. Those super cushy I’m-A-Mafia-Boss armchairs are pretty awesome too. Haha~

    Dinner Slideshow: Flash died on me two hours ago when I was trying a few tricks that I thought I’d put on the dinner video (retro effects, remember?). I guess I’d give up flash for the time being and go with After Effects instead. I have the concept all planned out, but I seriously need lots of videos instead of just photos to make the video more appealing. See, I’m already calling it a video instead of a slideshow. I blame it on the awesomenes of After Effects. Totally.  Since I’ll probably be withdrawing myself from most multimedia-related works next year, I’ll try to make this slideshow stands out.

    Paint Tool SAI: I have no idea why I didn’t use this software before. It’s beyond awesome. I love how easy the drawing tools glide on the canvas. The fact that it doesn’t consume a lot of memory is a big plus. Photoshop always slows down my computer and Painter loves to die on me every once in a while. Heck, Gimp sometimes performs better than Photoshop itself; that or Vista is too much of an idiot to go properly with those softwares. In just a day, SAI moves up to be the number 1 on my list of favourite softwares of all time alongside Manga Studio and Comicworks.

    I have a test tomorrow and I waste my time on random things? Great.

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    Doujin Overload 2009

    YamaGoku!!!!!!!!!!! I am so gay for the Gokudera crossplayer (<a href='http://sweetchoco.co.cc' rel='external friend' title='My bff´s Mira´s blog'>Mira</a> said she does too, lol). So pwettyyyyy!!! (Extra points for being Malaysian :3)

    – Aren’t their Yamamoto and Gokudera awesome? ♥♥♥ –
    (More pics) もっと取った写真はこちら~

    I should be posting this to Junjou, but I’m still having the blasted disappearing post body problem (even after reinstalling), so I’ll post it here instead. Although I was (and am still) sick like whoa, I still went to Doujin Overload. Well, what the heck? The venue was Hyatt Regency Hotel, which is only around 5-minute walk (maybe less, but definitely couldn’t be more unless I walk like a real zombie). Anyways, I went there at around 11am with Mira to submit a very crackish art entry to the art competition before midday, lol. We missed the first dance performance, but we were just in time for DO Band. Oh, the band was awesome. The songs performed were from Nana and Full Moon wo Sagashite. The one singing had such a nice voice~

    And then we started browsing randomly. So many shounen-ai/yaoi items this year I’m so happy! Apparently, this year is all about Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji and Vocaloid. I’m surprised at the lack of Reborn and Dino’s popularity. I’m so not surprised at the abundance of Yamamoto/Gokudera, hehe… Speaking about Yamamoto and Gokudera, refer to the picture above 🙂 My eyes have been following them (agh, I feel like a perv!) from the moment we arrive. No, I’m not turning into a stalker. Really. So, um, if you  guys happen to be reading this by chance or whatever, please don’t mind me. I’m just a happy and delirious fangirl~

    New haircut... Does it make me look younger? Hehe. After looking around, we went to Mid City to have lunch. It started out okay until everything I was eating suddenly tasted bitter. I had to stop eating and throw my lunch away. On the way back, I got myself a haircut.

    This new haircut suddenly caused a girl to speak Chinese, and a guy to speak Japanese to me at the event. Hmm, why exactly? I’d like to think I still look very, very Malaysian even after this new haircut, thank you very much 😛

    Before going back to Hyatt, we went home to drop off a few things. And then we walked back up to the venue and started spending money on small stuff.

    I’m proud of myself for not spending more than $50 for this year’s event! I’ve got to save some for Comic Fiesta this year (cosplay too?) as well. I can’t remember how much I spent last year, but it was efinitely over $60. Maybe even $100, I don’t know.

    I’ve already established that the DO Band was awesome. The last dance performance was cool too. I cannot unsee Japan dancing, though. No, seriously. I wonder if it would be cuter if young Holy Roman Empire and young Italy were to join in (I was actually secretly hoping for Gokudera to dance as well *sobs*). We then practically hunted down people to take pictures with. Well, I wasn’t complaining at the cute interaction between two Gokuderas and a Yamamoto (imagination, imagination!). After snapping pictures of/with a few cosplayers (I missed taking a picture with TYL!Squalo ;_;), we headed back home.  That was when I realised that I FORGOT TO CLAIM THE MUKURO BADGE I RESERVED!!! So disappointed. All in all, today was a fun day. Now I’m back to being semi-bedridden because of my sickness. Ugh.

    p.s/ Read a longer post on Mira’s blog, Sweet Choco HERE~

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    Introduction to the Reading Process

    Expressly written in today’s lecture. Lecturer: Marineke Goodwin. I had loads of fun in this lecture. She came prepared with lots of materials!

    History of Language Learning in New Zealand

    • purpose of literacy before the age of decoding
    • literacy brought from England

    Four discernible ages of reading theories = identified, and we´re entering the fifth. They´re the ages of reading (Turbill, 2002):

    1. ~ as decoding
    2. ~ of meaning making
    3. ~ of reading-writing connections
    4. ~ of reading for social purposes
    5. ~ of multiliteracies


    1. fom late 19th century – 1940´s
    2. syllabus, reading material, workbooks, etc – highly prescriptive and structured
    3. focus on skills n drills: ABCs, sound/letter, rel, decoding word recog.
    4. theories =>reading process emp. the graphophonic cueing system
    5. techers beieved – decoding preceded comprehension – once know alphabet n how to syllabify you could read a sentence n then para. and then text
    6. reading, writing, sp. n handwriting taught separately – as separate subjects
    7. debates exist – history always full of change. New method appear in NZ – ´Look & Say´ method.
    8. Decoding type text example: Kit the cat, sat, kit sat in a bag of rags…. // B -> Br -> Bri -> Brick, etc <= Phonic type.(note to self: look it up. look at the rhyme). Is it still relevant to the way we do things now?
    9. if you look at the word long enough and say it long enough, you will remember the whole word. Method: introduce high freq, text
    10. the problem is – the new method overthrow all previous methods – many disagree while others agree = debates

    Meaning Making

    1. from the 1960´s in NZ
    2. NZers keen to develop a national identity – reflected in the first real series of books for n about NZ children, places n exp.
    3. increased immi. = classes often very diverse n many children arrived at school with langs. other than English
    4. language acq. models – used to inform reading n writing processes
    5. teachers believed reading n writing should be child centered, lit. based n meaningful
    6. reading seen not only as grapho. but also syntactic n semntic = MAKE SENSE . always in the process to make meaning
    7. learning to read viewed as lifelong proces n reading to learn = goal
    8. debates focused on phonics vs ´whole language´ approach this theory became known as
    9. teachers prob. instructed to forget abt some decoding aspects – decoding = hinder ´whole meaning´ process.
    10. whole lang. era – very lit. based era

    Word of the day


    –verb (used without object), verb (used with object), -at⋅ed, -at⋅ing.

    1. to grow or produce by multiplication of parts, as in budding or cell division, or by procreation.
    2. to increase in number or spread rapidly and often excessively.
    History of Language Learning in New Zealand

    multiliteracy – text on the computer

    Integrating the sources of info. in reading n writing

    Knowledge n exp, lang. structure, shapes n sound, meaning – related

    A reader has to…

    • use knowledge of lang. n know how it works
    • translate letters into sounds (children use alphabet books, soundcards, spelling patterns (e.g:´or´ sounds like for, port, four, pour, aw, etc.
    • recog. patterns in words
    • have some knowledge of the topic – imp. for older readers esp. ESOL learners
    • link/relate the text to own bg knowledge (schema)
    • predict what the text will be about using word and world knowledge

    So, um, yeah… Sorghum Stenches translates to circumstances. Sweet as. Grain murder= grandmother. Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – Little Red Riding Hood. ROFL.

    Looking forward to next week. Yes, I’m actually looking forward to lectures 😛