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    WordPress 2.8.1 and Disappearing Post Body?

    I ran out of internet bandwidth while doing this, so the page load was SLOW. This is a problem on one of my WP blogs after upgrading to 2.8.1. The other blogs, while hosted on the same server, are all fine.

    Right. A screencast, for once. This just shows how pissed I am right now at WordPress and whatever glitch it just put me through. It even pissed me off more than this pissy internet connection I’m experiencing (been two days). I was writing a new post at Junjou when this happen. The screencast shows only the editting, but the same thing happens when I try to publish a new post. Once I hit publish, everyhing would disappear, leaving only the title, catagories and tags.

    Going to post revisions is totally hopeless because I’ll be greeted by blank posts. So far, Junjou’s the only blog experiencing this problem. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s wrong with it. Could it be one of those many bugs in WP 2.8.1? Could it be one or some of the plugins? I don’t think the latter is the case because all of the plugins over at Junjou are almost the same ones I installed on Caramel Toffee. Losing a long post is so frustrating. I don’t feel like writing another version anymore.

    On a happier note, I’ve just released a Tabula Rasa theme for Dreamwidth:


    Live Preview: [info - personal] affogato // Info: Le Petit Graphix

    I’m currently trying to make a WordPress version of it, one-column and two-column versions.

    p.s/ I currently have over five Dreamwidth codes to give away.

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    Oekaki Shi Painter Plugin Version 1.2 for WordPress (For WP 2.6 up until WP 2.8.1)

    Painted with the plugin

    1. Plugin Info

    Original Author: Yakumo

    Applet by: Shi-chan

    Additional colour pallete by: Wonder Cat Studios (of the good ‘ol BBSNote and PictureBBS)

    It’s really not true when I thought there’s no effort to make Oekaki readily accessible for us WordPress users. This wonderful Shi Painter Plugin for WordPress is made by Yakumo-san with the original Shi-chan’s Shi Painter applet. This plugin is made and tested with the Japanese version of WordPress 2.6, but I tested this with WordPress 2.8 and then 2.8.1. It works purrrfectly.

    Additionally, you can download and install Dynamic Pallete by Wonder Cat Studios (download DynPallete.lzh HERE), so long as your computer has the capability to extract files in UTF-8 mode, you’ll be fine. I don’t recommend using WinZip or WinRar. Get either Zipeg or 7zip to get the job done.

    2. Installing the Plugin

    You can download the plugin, the applet and the pallete separately or click the link provided below for the plugin. The .zip file contains the plugin and the applet.


    If you want the extra colour pallete, visi WCS by clicking on the link provided in the plugin info and unzip pallete.js in the same directory as the SP plugin. Please do leave a comment if it works or if it doesn’t work for you.

    For WordPress 2.7 and above, install the plugin by using the plugin installer and activate it. Now, continue with configuration and using the plugin.

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    Why Blogspot When I Have Livejournal and Dreamwidth, etc?

    I seriously need to work on my holiday and practicum entries, but I’m feeling extremely lazy for lengthy recaps. And some people who asked me these questions left me thinking:

    Friend A: Why aren’t your journals on Blogspot?
    Friend B: What’s Livejournal?

    They’re so internet savvy, so it appals me that they don’t know about Livejournal. I can be sure they have no ideas about the LJ Strikethrough that shook the blogosphere or the recent development and emergence of Dreamwidth. If you ask me to compare Blogspot with WordPress, Livejournal and most recently Dreamwidth, I’d say Blogspot is MOST DEFINITELY on the bottom of my list. Heck, even Vox is at least ten times better.

    Purpose of A Blog, and Privacy Level

    Is it personal or commercial? Why are blogs suddenly popular after a few years of it’s initial existence? Why do everybody have blogs now? Some keep blogs for commercial purposes, but some wants it to be personal. It makes me wonder why personal blogs are kept on Blogspot, which offers no post privacy filters. If I want to keep it personal, and allow only a few to read my entries, or even keep the blog entries to myself, I would choose a blog provider which allows me to control ‘who can certain entries’. It’s more effective than making the entire blog private. Sometimes, you want to share your entries with select friends. Sometimes, you just want to keep them to yourselves. Sometimes, you want to share your entries with anyone at all.

    This is why I love Livejournal (LJ) and Dreamwidth (DW) so damn much. Of course, I love InsaneJournal, Greatestjournal, JournalFen (IJ, GJ and JF respectively) and other LJ-based providers too, but my best experience had been with LJ and recently DW. I can make it so that my blog entries can only be read by friends who also have accounts there. I can make it so everyone in the WWW can read them. I have that freedom.

    The new development of Dreamwidth (currently in open beta) is even more wonderful. New privacy options let me have greater control of my journal entries. If you were to have a look at my DW now (http://adlina.dreamwidth.org), you can only see one entry when I actually have a total of 5 entries. Same with my Livejournal. Out of 325 journal entries (I’ve been using LJ for six years~ 325 is a small number, sadly.), the public eye can only read 160 of them. The rest are either private or shared with friends, who are DW/LJ users.

    Ongoing Conversation and Meaningful Discussions

    LJ and DW makes me feel alive. You write something, someone clicks reply, and you can click reply on the person’s comment. In other words, the wonders of threaded comments (like WordPress, but we all know WP is a bit slow to implement this features). Have a look at a sample comment thread from my LJ:


    It’s an ongoing conversation, people. It looks alive. If you have something you disagree with, you can always argue. The arguments can continue. Other people can also join in the discussion. The thread doesn’t have to be between two people.

    If you want to one person’s comments invisible to other commenters, you can screen the comments. This way, no one knows about your private discussion with the other person. You can also delete their comments if you want to.

    Sense of Community

    You can join and create communities with LJ-based journals. What’s the point of keeping your short stories or poetry or even songs to yourselves? Joining specific communities can help promote your artistic pieces. Share them with other people and get into discussions about them. It’s your chance to get feedbacks and even constructive criticisms. The latter is hard to come by these days. Comments of “Wow, it’s cool!” is getting so old and lame and bleh.

    communitydwOne of the communities I’m in helps me with my language learning. It’s very useful when you have native speakers correcting your works and help you improve. Information exchange, file sharing – you name it. We have it all.

    Friends Page / Reading Page

    You don’t have to individually open each blog to read your friends’ newest entries. You don’t even have to subscribe to their RSS feeds if you don’t feel like it. Just click on your friends page, without the apostrophe, (or ‘reading page’ in DW) and then you can read the entries of everyone you have access to. If you want to comment, just click on comment straight away. Easy as that. Your friends page will also show newest posts in communities you subscribe to if you don’t filter them out. I usually filter communities and individuals


    You can always go to your profile and click on ‘view entries’ for friends or communities. Instant filter 😉

    Conclusion to Friend A: No, I will never have a working journal on Blogspot.

    To Friend B: I hope you have a clear idea now.

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    Road Trip Day III: Foiled Piha & Frosty Hamilton

    Mid-sem Hols 09 Day 03

    There’s nothing much I can say except that THE THIRD DAY FAILED HARD.I’ll get to it soon, but let me just start from the beginning – from before we checked out. I woke up early as usual, at 6am. Atie woke up around the same time too. I decided to let Mira sleep in for an hour more, just because. I took my bath and changed into a fresh new shirt. Looking out of the window, the view was quite spectacular. I forgot Omapere was a bay. Last night was too dark for us to note the beauty.

    We kind of made friend with the resident cat, Tequilla, and a little girl called Rubie. She clung to us. She even got into our car and wanted to go with us. It was kind of cute, in an annoying way. I’m glad her mom took her away though she was kicking and screaming when she was taken away from our car.

    Hm. The way down from Omapere to Piha was very challenging. It felt like we were driving through a mist, but I realised that it wasn’t so. We were just so high up in the mountain that we were actually driving in the clouds. While it sounded almost romantic to drive in the clouds, it was not when our safety was at stake. We had no choice but to switched the heater on to see the through the windows clearly. Otherwise, they would have clouded over and make navigating (for me) and driving (for Atie) really troublesome.

    Before leaving Northland, we stopped by a scenic lookout near Omapere, still in the Hokianga region. The view was breathtaking. We took a few pictures before running back to the comfort and warmth of the car. The wind was too strong and the air too cold.Further down, we made our way through the highway, stopping in the Waiopu forest where the biggest and oldest Kauri tree stood.

    The tree was even more breathtaking than the scenic view we saw earlier.


    It’s insane, I know it myself. I was a little bit surprised to find small well of tears prickling my eyes. I felt a wave of emotion crashing down on me. The tree standing big and tall before me was over 2000 years old. It had outlived many people, and it was still standing tall and proud.

    Moving on. The road to Piha had so many twists and turns. So many that it made me want to throw up. By the time we left Northland and was back in Auckland region, the weather turned back. The nearer we were to Piha, the harder the rain grew. In the end, we didn’t go to the beach even though the sun was shining again by the time we stopped to have lunch. We were already running low on fuel, so we decided to head back to the nearest town to refill the fuel tank.

    Looking at the clock, we should be early by two hours in getting to Hamilton. Such was not the case. On the way to the state highway from Auckland, we were hit with a much annoying problem.


    I felt sick as the car rode very slowly through the evil traffic condition, so I sat back to make myself feel better. Mira helped navigate our way, no worries there. We were stuck in the jam for more than an hour, much to our chagrin. As we arrived in Hamilton, it was already quite late. We were really lucky we didn’t go to Piha. Otherwise, we might not have made it early to J’s Backpackers to check in. We were already late even without stopping by at the beach.

    J’s Backpackers was a lively place. Everybody seemed friendly. The hostess was wonderful too. Our room was even more wonderful. We didn’t have to share our room with others. Only the three of us. The room was very homey, pink everywhere. We felt at home there.

    There was a slight change in our original holiday plan. Atie reminded us about our plan to spend a night in the car at Waitomo, but then we realised it won’t be safe because Waitomo was full of caves. Not the best place for a small group of only girls to sleep through the night, in a small cramped car no less. So we decided to look for accommodation in Taupo for the next night. If we don’t get Taupo, maybe Rotorua. I tried checking for availability in Taupo (where can be checked instantly online), but none was vacant. We then decidedto try our luck the next day.

    Hamilton was cold. Very cold. Upon checking the temperature on Metservice, I was shocked to find out that the current temperature was 2 celcius! A mere 2 celcius! No wonder we were freezing. Atie even remarked that the air felt almost the same as Queenstown.

    And so we slept. I slept last, because I was fiddling with my laptop and the internet before going to sleep. It was freezing. I even borrowed Mira’s sweater for my legs. The duvet was not enough.

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    Road Trip Day II: Cape Reinga to Omapere

    Easter Hols 09 - Day 02

    Before checking out, Atie made breakfast (fried egg sandwich) and I cooked lunch/dinner (spaghetti and spicy sauce with basil), with Mira taking care of the dishes. We save money this way, and we don’t have to think about stopping somewhere for food. After that, we stopped by the i-Site for a moment, taking pictures of the beautiful coast.

    I forgot to mention in my earlier account of the first day that my camera decided it wanted to be stupid and vibrated, getting ok only once in a while. The vibration sucked. It’s hard to take pictures when it insisted on vibrating like a cellphone on vibe + ring mode. Alhamdulillah, it decided to behave a little bit better this day. However, most of the pictures ended up being taken by Mira’s camera. The difference can be seen from the colour, but not that I minded much. Pictures are still pictures.

    On the way out of Paihia, we stopped by Cable Bay to take pictures. I so love the blue sea. Maybe this road trip is making me love the colour blue more than I should. Looking at the sandy beach, I couldn’t help but think that taking a dip at this particular stop seemed way better than the one we took in Paihia the day before. Hurrr…

    We learn not to believe the map on this second day. Seriously, the map showed straight, sealed road. Halfway through from Paihia to Cape Reinga, the oad started getting worse by every kilometres. Sealed roads? Yeah, sure. They’re still in the process of putting new seals. Poor Baby (the nickname Atie gave the car) had to endure a long journey via unsealed roads. The road was full of twists and turns, making us all dizzy by the time we reached our destination.


    Cape Reinga was breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. The deep blue sea. The azure sky. The wind. Everything. So beautiful that the one name that entered our minds straight away was Allah the Almighty. We got to see the meeting point of the waves. You can see waves from different directions meet in the middle of the sea.In Maori culture, it is also the meeting place of deceased spirits before they move on.

    Oh, the wind was exceptionally strong there. The sun was shining, but it was very cold. We all could barely walk without hearing our teeth chattering. You seriously, seriously cannot go to the lighthouse without a sweater. Unless, maybe, if you live in the south pole.

    The lighthouse was smaller than I thought, but it was cute nonetheless.


    On the way back from Cape Reinga, we took a brief detour to 90 Miles Beach. The beach was spaciously beautiful. We took a few pictures and ran back into the car because the wind was super strong and the air was very cold. We initially thought of using the 90 Miles Beach route to break into the state highway, but a gentleman kindly advised us not to use the route. His car broke down halfway. We were scared half out of our wits. And so we ended up using regular road. There went our chance of seeing the sun set on the lovely beach.

    Here comes challenge.

    We followed the map to find our way to Omapere. Atie told me (I’m the navigator) we won’t be using the ferry, so we’d be using a different route. The problem with this route was that it was completely deserted (save for one and two cars every half an hour, if I remember correctly). It was night, it was raining, and it was dark. Only the moon lighted the road, and even the moon was hidden by the trees and the hills most of the time. There were only three of us, all girls, in the car. The road was not sealed, and it was full of twists and turns. We encountered at least 5 possums, 2 rabbits, 2 horses and 2 cows.

    Speaking of cows, that reminds me of our scariest experience that night. While still driving in the dark that night, we saw a black and white figure from afar, standing right in the middle of the road. My first thought was “Huh, a hitch-hiker?” or “Is that person looking to commit suicide?”. I looked like a man wearing a black hood. As we got closer, I felt cold. It was definitely not a man, but I couldn’t be sure of what it was. The first thought on my mind was that “Ghhhoooosssttt?!!!!!”. No shit. I seriously thought it was a ghost. I considered closing my eyes, but for the sake of Atie who was driving and could not close her eyes no matter how scared she was, I didn’t close my eyes. As we got closer, I sighed in relief. I could breathe again. It was a big cow, black and white in colour. I felt like crying then and there, but I didn’t. I guess I was too scared to cry.

    We almost took the wrong turn twice. When I saw the sign pointing to an attraction called ‘something boulders’, I yelped in happiness. We were on the right track. We followed the road, scared shitless, until Atie said “Intan, I really feel grateful I could cry now”. We were back on sealed road, making our way back into the state highway. That was when I realised that I hadn’t been breathing properly. It felt a lot better.

    The problem was that we were supposed to check in at Globetrekker Lodge before 8.00pm, after which our booking would be rendered invalid. As soon as Vodafone was back in service, Atie called the management, asking if e could still check in. I accompanied Mira to the toilet. As I waited for her outside, keeping my eyes on the car, I saw a guy sitting on a bridge not too far from where Atie stopped the car. I knew the man saw me. He kept looking at me from afar and making eerie, breathy sound. I urged Mira to hurry up, and then we both ran into the car to continue to check in. It was just our luck that we could still check in. Alhamdulillah. The host was really kind. We were late by a couple of hours and we could still check in. I couldn’t be more glad to have a place  to sleep for the night after such an adventurous journey.

    Needless to say, we all slept like a log that night.