Morning Tea Mingle at the Old Government House


At one of the hallways at the Old Governtment House, University of Auckland

Today was supposed to be my day off, seeing as how I only have classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays, I have a weekly housekeeping session as well as a 2-hour Professional Development (ProDev) course with Sheryll, but they don’t actually apply as ‘classes’. We, IPBArians, have been invited to a morning tea with representatives from the Malaysian Ministry of Education (Pn. Kartini and… Ok, I forgot the other official’s name. Bad me =O).Basically, we introduced ourselves to them, and listened to speeches by John et al.

It was during this meeting that we were informed of the new B.ed TESOL cycle (the third and supposedly last cycle). The next cycle is going to be a big one (more than 500 will be sent overseas for cohort 1 and 2 of the new cycle every year), and 90% of them are going to be primary school students. Compared to us, 130 students, that’s going to be a lot to manage. I wish our coordinators luck on dealing with a relatively larger number of students.

After the intros and speeches, it was time for the awaited morning tea. I admit that I’m one of those money-oriented ones attending the meeting for free morning tea + lunch. Not working this year, so money… Yeah.

There were fruits, scones, French macaroons, orange juice, tea and coffee. Seriously, the macaroons were awesome when taken with creamy butter filling (I didn’t take the raspberry/strawberry ganache). I ate two and brought one home. Now that I think about it, I should have taken some more (LOL).

Library: The book by Widdowson that I want is currently on loan until the first week of April. Grr. I’m tempted to just recall the book, but since I can still make do without it, I won’t be too hasty. I borrowed a few books on Linguistics, language in general and the teaching of English and literature in the classroom. They look so interesting that I couldn’t resist.

Fun times: Atie visited mine and Mira’s apartment this evening. We had fun playing NDS and listening to oldies, which of course include our infamous Malaysian jiwang karat and rock kapak songs. Hahahaha. No, really, please don’t ask. Finally, someone who likes those awesome songs from the 90’s!

Skype woes: On another matter altogether, I’ve been having bad experience with Skype lately. Skypeout and video calls have been extremely poor in quality. Bloody volcanoes. Bloody storm. Bloody backward-technology broadband. Why is Skype the only one affected? Hurrrr.

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Cultural Fun at the Pasifika Festival 2009


Mira, Atie, Myself & Hijrah w/ the stone that reads ‘Circle of Friends’ @ Western Springs, Auckland

I went to the Pasifika Festival 2009 at Western Springs with Mira, Atie, and Hijrah today. We took a group pass to save on return tickets from Britomart to Western Springs (near MOTAT), and so we stayed together for the whole day. Last year’s festival went for three days. For this year, it’s only from 10am to 5pm today. The place was jam packed with locals and tourists, with lots of colourful and interesting stalls selling things ranging from crafts to luxury antiques to food.

We were lucky to have come early. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a nice experience, making your way through a crowd of merry people.

I find it funny that the Labour Party was campaigning the whole day through. The first tribe we visited was Tonga. The politicians were campaigning on stage at that time, so we decided to not pay attention. It was just my luck (or the lack of it) that the campaign continued on even when Mira and I was waiting for Atie and Hijrah to get their free goodies after having participated briefly in Push Play volleyball game.

At Push Play, we met Ikin and her friends. My juniors were also there, then. Good, good. I can see the enthusiasm in them that’s a bit similar to mine when I first arrived last year.

The only bad thing about it was that halfway through the event, it started drizzling. I could feel the temperature dropping by a few degrees. At about 2pm, we were already tired from walking in the rain, so we decided it was time to call it a day and say goodbye to the festival.

Having been to last year’s festival, I find this year’s a little bit better. It was hard to navigate around last year, because the event site (in Manukau) was a lot smaller. And because pictures speak louder than words, here’s a slideshow of some pictures of us taken at the festival. When you browse through, you might be amused at Atie and Hijrah’s attempt at pukana as they posed for Maori TV’s competition (I think it’s slideshow pic #20).

[slideshow id=4]

I initially wanted to post the random videocast I made, but the size was too big. I’m too lazy to edit and resize them, so yeah. Maybe later. It was funny, as the shoot was done when we were shivering in the drizzle on our way out.

p.s/ I’m so going to miss the big watermelon and pineapple ice cream =D

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Otahuhu March Trip & More About Electives


Love this $10 skirt bought @ a random store  @ Otahuhu

Otahuhu: Went to Otahuhu with Mira and Atie today. Mira and I bought enough chicken to last us for up to one month. We’ll probably finish it sooner than 1 month, but well… That’s for later. The three of us ate vegetarian curry with rice at a restaurant there. It’s called Kamal’s something- I can’t remember it well. The curry was awesome. The meal only cost me $5 too. Yum.

Atie has somehow convinced me to take MATH 101 just for the heck of it. Well, it’s going to be my last elective anyway, so I’ll manage.

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Electives Woes, Domestic Matters & Random Stuff


Current mini workstation, awaitng my Aiptek 12.1″ tablet ^^

Domestic Life: The allowance came in a couple of days ago. I’ll survive until the end of June, with additional allownce of $750 my mom gave me for February through June. Bought some new shirts, tank tops and shorts to wear indoor, because I couldn’t for the life of me fnd the ld ones. I could wear the tank outside too, layered with warmer and less revealing (lol) tops of course.

Electives: I’m having a real problem with electives now. I’ve chosen EDUC 316 (Gifted Education) as one of my electives – no tutorials and no exam. That’s cool and fine. I can’t make up my mind about the other elective, though. I seriously, seriously can’t make up my mind. I want to take Linguistic stage 3, but waiting lists are always a turn off. Only two more days left. I’m literally doomed.

Tea: I’ve yet to cure mysef from my citrus green tea addiction, and now I’m developing an unhealthy addiction with assam tea – flavoured or not. By unhealthy, I was actually referring to my money. I can’t afford to go to Lim Chour ever time  want to restock. But where else can I get itfor a mere $1.10 each? GSTs are EVIL!!

Projects status: All currently on hold. Bloody lazy self.

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My New Quest on Eden Apartment is Made of Win

My body’s still feeling tired because of carrying all those hand luggage. And then I was stupid enough to go down the hills to Foodtown and came back with over 10 kilos of food and stuff for the apartment. Uh, my arms T__T That’s what I get for being lazy for three months. I guess my body couldn’t handle the physical shock.

But still, my new apartment (Quest on Eden) is AWESOME! The ceiling is so high, over two meters taller than me. We have the stoves, a convectional oven, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a kettle a toaster, a standing fan, a fridge, a closet, stereo system, a washing machine, a dryer, private hot water tank, blablabla… I seriously think paying $385 per week is worth it now.

But the pics can show you how Mira and I managed to trash it in a matter of less than 24 hours.

LOL. Nevertheless, it’s awesome. Everything’s provided in a pair. Plates, cutleries, mugs, salad bowls, etc- mostly of Arcopal brand, which means we’re practicaly dead if  we ever get them broken.

We also haven’t called SmartBox to send our stuff over. Don’t feel like doing a major cleanup and carrying those heavy boxes. I could break my hands carrying heavy books and my collection of questionable doujinshis. We’ll wait until tomorrow or a few days.

p.s/ Auckland’s very warm now. If not for the fan, we’d have fallen over because of the sun and the heat.

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