OTG Reading Organiser & Revision Companion (for SPM Novels)

Good afternoon! Today I would like to share the template I’ve used with my students for a few years to read, analyse and understand the novel. Yes, I am painfully aware that some people choose to only read the chapter synopses instead of the whole package deal.

I believe that reading the novel in full and critically analysing it as you go will not only help you answer every kind of novel question thrown your way easily, but it will also help you with your English as a whole. After all, one of the best ways to master a language is to READ A LOT.

The organiser is simple! Here is a blank template and below it are some examples of filled columns to demonstrate how it’s used. Click the download button to download the file (next to the zoom option).

**sample inputs are based on classroom discussions of the novel Sing to the Dawn by Minfong Ho

Tips: If you have an iPad or a tablet with a pen/ stylus (or a computer with a pen input), you can use handwriting -friendly apps to duplicate the pages.
Tips 2: You can also print the handout and duplicate page 2.

Happy reading AND writing. Reading helps you climb stairs but writing will help you reach the next level 😉

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