[Google Forms MCQ Quiz] – 1119/1 Paper 2 Section A (Kelantan UP1 2019)

Good evening, students! I hope everyone is doing fine today. I originally wanted to upload a screencast today but there wasn’t enough time to prepare the materials. If you can spare a little bit of time, why not sit down and spend 25 minutes to answer these test questions?

Don’t stress yourself out, though. Relax, set your timer with your phone (yes, timing yourself is a good practice!), and answer the questions. Try NOT to use the dictionary or ask for assistance to assess your real performance.

[For Teachers] Assign as Google Classroom Assignment:
Copy and paste this link to assign this quiz to your class (click the attachment button) >> https://forms.gle/ceda6ZzMhZWKQ2Ep7
(For Quiz Assignment option, note that grades can only be imported if students are logged in with their MOE-DL IDs, OR you can ask the students to upload a screenshot of their quiz grade and then mark as done to turn in)

Good luck!

How did you do? I hope the feedback helps 😉


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