[DW] Informal Letter: Making a Choice (Hotel vs Homestay)

Hello, how are you? Today we’re going to look at a DW question, an Informal Letter. Is it everyone’s favourite DW format, I wonder? I’ve had many students tell me it’s the easiest one to write. Good for you 😉

Disclaimer: The original question is from 2018 trial paper (Penang).

Your family is planning to go for a holiday at the end of the year. Your brother/ sister has asked you to choose either to stay in a hotel or a homestay. He/she has given you some information about the two places. Write a letter to your brother/sister stating your choice.

In your letter, you should:

  • Describe all the details of the two places
  • State which place you think is more suitable
– in town
– RM150 per person
– complimentary breakfast
– swimming pool
– close to shopping complex
– (suggest one more idea)
-in village
-RM80 per person
– own cooking
– barbecue pit
– closer to nature
– (suggest one more idea)

Sample Answer by Students (Edited and Cleaned):
Remember that a good essay does NOT have to be lengthy. Also, remember that the sample given is only a sample. If you’re a student, it is best if you try to answer the question yourself and have a teacher mark your essay.

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  1. Hello there.Teacher Adlina.I would like to thank you for all the materials you have posted here.It such a great help. May I know whether for DW,we have to elaborate all the contents given.

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