[PDF] PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 5 Unit 1: It’s Personal (p.5-8)

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera. Today I’d like to share a simple PdPR handout that can be printed and photocopied. This handout covers lesson 1 and 2 (SOW). You can also assign this handout as assignments in Google Classroom.

PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 5 Unit 1 (p5-8) (11100 downloads )


12 thoughts on “[PDF] PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 5 Unit 1: It’s Personal (p.5-8)

  1. Salam & Hello Mrs. Adlina,
    Thank you very much for your effort in making English Lesson easier for a busy teacher like me.
    I have donated RM30 to your account. Many-many thanks.. May Allah reward your effort in helping others…

  2. salam Ms Adlina. Thank you for sharing this. May I know how can we exchange lesson plans and materials to each other? Am waiting for the continuation of this lesson ??.

  3. Hi Mrs Adlina, your work is sooo great and full of love. Thank you for sharing these materials. Looking forward to have more and if possible to learn from you.

    Mind telling me on how to reach you? šŸ™‚

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