[PDF] PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 4 Unit 1: Let’s Chat (p.7-10)

It’s a little late but today I’d like to share another simple PdPR handout that can be printed and photocopied. This handout covers lesson 1 and 2 (SOW). You can also assign this handout as assignments in Google Classroom.

  • 4 pages
  • Includes extra grammar notes for revision
PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 4 Module 1 (p7-10) (17790 downloads )


3 thoughts on “[PDF] PdPR Handout: KSSM Form 4 Unit 1: Let’s Chat (p.7-10)

  1. Hi Very good of you to share so many things. I would like to send you just some materials i have done on writing for F4/F5. I not good at all these tech stuff. You may find it useful. Send me ur email please. My email is rajanperiannan@gmail.com. I m teaching in Seremban.

  2. Hi there, thank you for your generosity..i’ve been coming here now and then ‘stealing’ ideas and materials. May you be rewarded many folds by Him

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