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[Google Forms] Submission Form for Speaking Tasks

Here’s a form that you can copy and edit to collect audio/ video response from your students. Simply click “Make a Copy” and you’re good to go. The maximum (combined total) file size for submissions is set to 10GB. You can change it as you see fit. The example task is what I gave my Form 4 pupils last week. Please do share your speaking tasks too in the comment section 😀

When you copy the form, a dialogue box will pop up with this message:

Just click “Restore“. A new folder will be created in your Google Drive automatically.

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  • Zaimah binti Alias

    Tqvm madam, it helps me a lot in my pdpr teaching as Im not that good in this new KSSM cefr English. So used with the KBSM, n too old to learn many new things. May you get the rewards from Him Allah Al- Mighty

  • Laili Hashim

    Thank God I found your site! The layout is clean and professional, without any distracting blinking image =). The worksheets are very helpful, thanks a lot Puan Adlina.

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