[Google Forms] Submission Form for Speaking Tasks

Here’s a form that you can copy and edit to collect audio/ video response from your students. Simply click “Make a Copy” and you’re good to go. The maximum (combined total) file size for submissions is set to 10GB. You can change it as you see fit. The example task is what I gave my Form 4 pupils last week. Please do share your speaking tasks too in the comment section 😀

When you copy the form, a dialogue box will pop up with this message:

Just click “Restore“. A new folder will be created in your Google Drive automatically.

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6 thoughts on “[Google Forms] Submission Form for Speaking Tasks

  1. Tqvm madam, it helps me a lot in my pdpr teaching as Im not that good in this new KSSM cefr English. So used with the KBSM, n too old to learn many new things. May you get the rewards from Him Allah Al- Mighty

  2. Thank God I found your site! The layout is clean and professional, without any distracting blinking image =). The worksheets are very helpful, thanks a lot Puan Adlina.

  3. thank you Pn Adlina for sharing the worksheet >_< may Allah bless you for your kind deeds..
    Izzati from SMK Yan, Kedah

  4. thank you puan for sharing the ideas and worksheet.. it’s really helpful, May Allah bless you with prosperity, success and achieve every goal in life…

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