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[PDF] SPM Mini Writing Module (Part 1: Short Communicative Messages)

Good morning! Sorry for disappearing. I was quite busy with a lot of things the past few months. I hope everyone’s doing well despite the current pandemic.

Today I’d like to share part 1 of a mini writing module I made for my students. This handout is printer-friendly and consists of 4 pages: 1 sample question, 1 sample answer with answering tips, 2 practice questions and 2 self-check checklists. I will upload part 2 and part 3 a bit later.

** When awarding marks, do remember that the expected performance level for Paper 2, Part 1 is A2. They’re not expected to come up with colourful idioms or flowery expressions at this level.

Download or view the file below:

SPM Mini Writing Module Part 1 (5325 downloads) helloadlinaSPMMiniWritingModulePart1

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