[SPM Writing] E-mail on Buying a Birthday Gift for Someone (Making suggestions)

You received an email from your friend, Julia who needs your advice on what to buy for her mother as a birthday gift.

My mom’s birthday is just around the corner. I would like to surprise her with a birthday gift. What present should I get her then? Why do you think I should get her that present? Where can I go to buy her the suggested present?
I’ll be waiting for your reply. Bye!



Hi Julia,
I’m excited to hear that your mother’s birthday is coming up. A great birthday gift would be something that she would appreciate and find useful. I suggest getting her a nice piece of jewellery, like ha necklace or a bracelet. You can find some great options at local jewellery stores or online. Jewellery is a classic and timeless gift that she can wear every day to remember her special day.
Hope this helps!

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