[SPM Writing] E-mail on Buying a new Gadget (Making suggestions)

You received an email from your cousin, Feeza who needs some advice to buy a gadget.

You know I can ‘t live without my music. It helps me to study, but I just broke my earphones yesterday. I’m thinking of buying a wireless set, can you suggest one? How much should I spend? Should I go for the sound quality or the design, and why?
Can ‘t wait to hear from you.

Sample Answer

Hello Feeza,
Sorry to hear about your earphones! For wireless earphones, I’d recommend Jabra Elite 75t. They have great sound quality and a comfortable fit. The price ranges from around RM500-800, but you can often find deals online. In terms of design, the Jabra Elite 75t come in a sleek and minimalist design, so it won’t stand out too much when you’re wearing them. However, I’d prioritize sound quality over design, especially if you’re using them for studying.
Hope this helps!

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