[SPM Writing] Report on Financial Management Seminar for Teens

You have just attended a seminar on financial management for teens. Your teacher has asked you to write a report about it. In your report you must:

  • include the details on where the seminar took place
  • share about the beneficial tips you learnt there
  • give suggestions on how the seminar could be improved if it is repeated next year

Sample Answer

To: Mr Azmi, Teacher Advisor
From: Muhammad Hakimi, Head Prefect
Title: Report on Financial Management Seminar for Teens

A seminar on financial management for teens was held at the Baroh Pial Community Centre on 25 January 2024. It was organised by the Kelantan Youth Association and featured two guest speakers: Mr. Ahmad, a financial planner, and Ms. Lee, an entrepreneur. The seminar lasted for three hours and covered topics such as budgeting, saving, and making money after the SPM.

Beneficial Tips
The seminar was very informative and useful for the participants who wanted to learn more about managing their money. One of the many beneficial tips include the ways to create a realistic budget based on one’s income and expenses, and how to track and review it regularly. The speakers also touched on the ways to save money for short-term and long-term goals as well as the things to consider for teens who are keen on doing part-time jobs.

Suggestions for Improvement
The seminar had some areas that could be improved if it is repeated next year. First and foremost, the seminar could be longer or divided into two sessions, as there was not enough time to cover all the topics in depth and to answer all the questions from the audience. In addition, more practical activities and exercises, such as creating a budget or making a savings plan should be included. Finally, more speakers from different backgrounds and fields, such as bankers or business owners, can be invited to provide more diverse insights.

Overall, the seminar was a valuable and enjoyable experience for the participants.

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