[SPM Writing] Report on Merdeka Month Carnival

Your history teacher has asked you to write a report on Merdeka Month Carnival which was held in august. In your report, you must include:

  • the most popular activity among the students
  • students’ overall participation in the carnival
  • suggestions to improve the carnival

Sample Answer

To: Ms Fadilah, History Teacher
From: Faris Aiman, 5STEM Class Monitor
Title: Report on Merdeka Month Carnival

In August 2023, a celebration of Malaysia’s independence was observed through the Merdeka Month Carnival. This event, which spanned the entire month, was filled with a plethora of activities that were designed to engage students and instil a sense of national pride.

The Most Popular Activity
The ‘Cultural Showcase’ was identified as the most popular activity among the students. It provided an opportunity for the diverse cultures of Malaysia to be explored and appreciated. Students participated enthusiastically in traditional dances, music performances, and costume displays, which represented the multicultural fabric of our nation. Moreover, the ‘Cultural Showcase’ was not only entertaining but also educational as it fostered cultural understanding and unity among the students.

Student Participation
The level of participation in the carnival was noteworthy. Students demonstrated their creativity, talent, and patriotism through active involvement in all the activities. The carnival successfully cultivated a sense of camaraderie and national identity among the students.

Suggestions for Improvement
Despite the success of the carnival, there were areas identified for improvement. For future carnivals, it is recommended to include more interactive activities that cater to a range of interests, such as sports competitions or art workshops. Furthermore, increased emphasis on promoting the carnival is suggested to ensure maximum participation.

In conclusion, the Merdeka Month Carnival was a pivotal event that commemorated our nation’s independence and diversity. With the implementation of the suggested enhancements, an even more engaging and enriching experience can be provided for students.


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