Here’s a quick guide as to what each section of this blog is all about, and why I’ve divided them into… well… sections.


Default section of the domain. It’s what Caramel Toffee was solely for before I got tired maintaining one too many blogs. It’s basically what I go through, my thoughts and opinions, musings and many more random stuff.


I have a huge interest in technology and all those shiny gadgets. I got bored with my old domain, and decided to just let it go. I’ll write about tech stuff in this section instead. I’d be covering lots of stuff from gadgets to software to open source and the internet.


Migrated from my PlayLog. It’s too much of a hassle to maintain it separately, so I settled for combining it with Caramel Toffee.

All accounts on Playground are from my personal opinions. Spoilers are all over the blog (it’s a log, DUH), sometimes I’d post random guides and whatnot, screenshots etc.


Playstation 3 (2 and 1), Wii, PSP and Nintendo DS. I have no intention of buying Xbox (yet), but maybe… My personal beloved is my DS. It’s cute, it’s light, and the games are awesome. I don’t care what PSP fans think, but the darn thing is only enjoyable where graphics are concerned. Sony is either blind or just plain arrogant to accept PSP’s shortcomings.

I rarely play computer games. My computer is my workstation and my escapade. I play games which are more relaxed in nature. I’m a huge fan of The Sims. I still have Sims 1, and currently still stuck on The Sims 2. I’m waiting for Sims 3, like many other Sims fans around the globe. Who cares if people think the game is pointless? Pointless games are sometimes good too.

Yahoo games and mini games like those from Sandlots are loved too (like Eye for Designs).


My favourite? RPG! And Strategy, or a mix of both. Turn-based RPG/Strategy games are loved too. Personally, I’m a fan of games with good plot. I don’t get tired of cliched storylines, which is why I love Namco’s Tales series more than I loved Final Fantasy. Being able to understand Japanese allows me to enjoy a large selection of game titles, which makes me glad I chose to learn the language myself.


I play musical instruments, draw art and comics, write song lyrics, poetry and prose, and many other things related to creative writing. Ocassionally, I’d post my composition and anything related to art here.


My lesson notes. I usually bring my Asus with me to class, so I’ll write down the gist of the lesson I’m in. Will be maintained fully starting 2009.


I like to try out new recipes, improvise existing recipes, cook and bake. This section will be about food and drinks, as per the title.


Just like the section name suggests. Anything fun and educational goes here, including my RPGMaker VX for language learning project.


Could be my crappy original music, my rant and raves, or something educational. My learn conversational malay podcasts gounder this category.