Caramel Toffee is my personal blog where I record almost everything that occurs in my daily life as another normal human being on this earth. May contain critics and sensitive contents at times.

Why Caramel Toffee?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been wanting to register this domain name for a long time. Something just beckons me. The name has some kind of gravity that I can’t explain. After a few years, I’m surprised no one is yet to buy this domain name, so I grabbed it as soon as I have the money.

I’m usually more interested in dark-themed titles, but sometimes, I just need something cute to brighten my day. This domain name is cute enough, I think.

For the record, yes I do know how to make caramel toffees. They’re smooth and sweet and just plain yummy.

Why [dot]Net?

I love .Net domains. For me, .com should only be reserved for commercial sites. I don’t care if you’re going to tell me the 10 most expensive domains in the world ends with .com . Well, fortunately, I have a life still, and expensive or not means nothing to me. I like the way .net extension makes my site a lot more personal and meaningful to me.

When & Where?

Caramel Toffee was registered on December 28, 2007 at Netfirms, and was initially hosted on Host Gator‘s Swamp plan. On July 2008, it was moved to my old VPS powered by Tektonic. On 14 January 2009, it moved again – this time to Media Temple (mt). Due to financial circumstances, another server move was made on 4 September 2009 to Sharkspace.