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    [For Teachers] Writing Lesson Objectives & Success Criteria

    If you’re having a hard time writing learning objectives for a three-part lesson, look up and read about these three approaches:

    1. Robert Mager’s Performance-Based Learning Objectives
    2.The ABCD Model for Writing Objectives
    3. Gronlund’s General and Specific Cognitive Objectives

    This is how I do it:
    A – Audience (Be specific about the audience)

    At the end of the lesson, students of 5EKO will be able to:

    B – Behaviour (What do you want them to do?)

    List down 5 factors that influence one’s decision…

    C – Conditions (in what form must the student complete the action in B )

    … in a bubble map…

    D – Degree (how far/ to which extent are they expected to perform?)

    … with the correct spelling.

    Complete example:
    At the end of the lesson, students of 5EKO (A) will be able to:
    List down 5 factors that influence one’s decision (B) in a bubble map (C) with the correct spelling (D).


    Based on the above example, C is what you’d like the students to produce. So, it goes like this:

    12 out of 12 students are able to successfully:
    Create a bubble map on what influences one’s decision.

    Best regards,

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    [For Teachers] Daily Lesson Plan Template in Bahasa Melayu

    Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

    Maaf dah lama saya tak tulis blog dalam BM (jangan kecam, saya guru BI sepenuh masa).  Di sini saya nak kongsi templat RPH yang saya pada asalnya sediakan untuk sekolah saya. Sekolah kami terlibat dengan program Transformasi Sekolah (TS25). Kami diperkenalkan dengan Three-Part Lesson oleh Dr. Amin (IPG Kampus Kota Bharu). Pada asalnya juga, three-part lesson digunakan di negara luar secara meluas untuk mengajar subjek matematik berlandaskan pendekatan inkuiri.

    Berbekalkan tunjuk ajar Dr. Amin, saya sediakan satu templat yang alhamdulillah dipersetujui barisan pentadbir dan tenaga kerja TS25 sekolah. Kalau Tuan/ Puan Nazir tanya “awak pakai template apa ni?” boleh lah jawab “Ooo saya gunapakai templat terbitan three-part lesson.” Hehe 😀

    Psst. Walaupun template ni saya bina guna Macbook, template versi interaktif ni lebih sesuai dengan komputer Windows (Excel 2010 dan ke atas). Anda boleh terus export dan save lesson plan sebagai fail PDF tanpa perlu install PDF printer atau convert kepada PDF menggunakan aplikasi lain. Mudah bukan? Tak perlu perbanyakkan fail excel untuk hari-hari berbeza. Export dan save je.

    Pastikan ribbon aplikasi Excel anda ada tab Developer. Anda perlu “enable all macros” (Macro Security). Jika diminta benarkan macros, klik setuju ye.

    RPH Template - Bahasa Melayu (1570 downloads)

    Ada juga versi PDF yang boleh anda cetak untuk diperbanyakkan. Kalau anda lebih suka menulis (macam saya), inilah langkah terbaik dan jimat masa. Cetak, perbanyak, tulis je guna tangan macam planner biasa.


    Semoga bermanfaat. Cuma saya mohon untuk tidak dimuat naik fail saya ke tempat lain sahaja. Boleh share alamat blog saya atau copy URL ke page ni (copy from address bar), terima kasih kerana memahami 😀

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    [For Teachers] Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers

    Assalamualaikum and good day, it’s been a while since I last posted anything. Life’s been super busy as usual. I’m back to share my version of the Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers (SMK). I made both the KSSM and KBSM versions. Feel free to use them if you think they are suitable for you.

    Many states have opted to forgo the traditional book and switch to a more portable medium, mine included. The lesson plan I made is largely based on the three-part-lesson planner. Originally, a three-part lesson is an “inquiry-based learning method used to teach mathematics” overseas. Under Dr. Amin’s guidance (IPGKKB), I started to draft a new lesson plan template that would better reflect PdPcA21 activities for my school. However, to create a one-size-fits-all template is almost impossible because we have not yet fully transitioned to KSSM. So, I decided to come up with different versions instead.

    Pssst… When you open the file, do read the little notes on the right for extra info 😛

    Special Features:
    Drop-down lists for standards, specifications, etc, notes, editable basic Data (time, class name, ..) and a one-click Export to PDF function!
    Requirement: Excel 2010 and newer on Windows -or- Excel for Mac 2011 and newer

    1. Before opening this file, make sure you have the DEVELOPER TAB on the ribbon (how to).
    2. Click Enable Editing or Enable Content when you open the file.
    3. Go to Developer tab and click Macro Security. Choose “Enable all macros”, save the settings and close the dialogue box.
    4. Close the file and reopen it. You can start editing away, yay! Choose the sheet you want to edit.
    5. The default filename for the export to pdf function is “WorksheetName_DayMonthYear_HourMinute.pdf”

    Editable Interactive Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers (6364 downloads)

    V1.1 – Uploaded 30 December 2017
    V1.2 – Uploaded 02 January 2018, edited the Data sheet and rearranged a few columns.

    Sidenote: I created this document on a Mac but this template is best used on a Windows machine. On a Mac, you won’t be able to use the “Export to PDF  & Save” option. Regardless, you can still Save as Pdf  normally from the Print Dialogue (command+P).

    Requirement: Pdf viewer (e.g Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, etc)

    For those who wish to stick to the traditional ways, you may want to just download and print as many physical copies of the template as you like.



    V1.1 – Uploaded 30 December 2017
    V1.2 – Edited a typo. Thanks for pointing it out!

    That’s all from me for now. Inshaa Allah I will upload the 2018 version of my printable English student planner tomorrow along with some other things. See you soon!

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    [For Teachers] English for Young Learners – Content Presentation

    Assalamualaikum and good day to my readers 🙂

    Yesterday on the 28th of February 2017, I have been given a presentation slot to briefly present the content of the new ENGLISH FOR YOUNG LEARNERS DVD at Pasir Mas District Education Office (PPD Pasir Mas) during PPD Pasir Mas Educational Media Management Workshop (Bengkel Pengurusan Media).

    As requested by Pn. Rosnani, our lovely SISC+, here is the Powerpoint Presentation that I created for the session. Feel free to pass this around. You may also use this slide to conduct in-house training at your schools. Hope you find this beneficial. Click on the file name below to download.


    Happy Teaching!

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    Fun Project: The English Language Study Planner & Journal 2017

    Assalamualaikum and good day. Today, I would like to share about a small project I am doing with my students. This year, we are doing The English Language Study Planner & Journal 2017. Now, those who are familiar with me know that I am an avid collector of notebooks, stationery, planner and journals. I plan my days and journal my experiences. Planning and journalling have encouraged me to become a more organised person. Read my rationale below or CLICK HERE to skip to the download links.

    Why planning and journalling?

    I am not pushing my interests blindly onto my darling students, nope. According to Walker (2006), journalling provides the clinical advantages of enhancing students’ ability to reflect, facilitating their critical thoughts, helping them to better express their feelings and guiding them to write more focused arguments. In short, students who dawdle in journalling are more likely to produce substantial essays. For this project, I have combined both planning (pre-lesson) and journalling (post-lesson) to maximise the expected benefits. Planning ahead, for instance, can help reduce one’s level of stress and help them to become more decisive when it comes to making decisions (Stack, 2000). I intend to let students jot down their feelings before and after each lesson as an emotional outlet for them – a small space for them to vent. Keeping feelings to oneself is detrimental (Blake’s Poison Tree, anyone?)

    Who are the target students?

    Students with intermediate proficiency level and little opportunity to practise their English. *There are separate project templates for lower and higher proficiency but that will be discussed later. I created this project with secondary school students in mind, so adjustments needed to be done if you intend to use the same template at primary or tertiary level.

    What it the ultimate goal of this project?

    My ultimate goal is to get my students to be familiar with writing brief statements with correct sentence structures. Sometimes when they journal, they will repeat familiar structures before they find the courage to venture into more complex structures. Rather than hoping they can write flowery essays overnight, I’d rather they write in simple sentences that are correct. Complex and long sentences do not automatically make them appear “more intelligent”, especially if they are laden with errors. (Did you know that writing sentences that are simple in structure but are grammatically correct will award a mark of higher than 28/50 in the actual SPM examination compared to long, winded writing with complex structures laden with errors?)


    What do you need to edit the document?

    1. Avenir font (download) and Brusher font  (download) installed on your computer. Without this fonts, the documents may not look as fine.
    2. A PDF viewer if you’re downloading the PDF version -AND-
    3. Microsoft Word for Windows or Mac. The files are originally edited on Microsoft Word for Mac in the Publishing Layout View (third view option from the left).

    Core Pages Download Links

    1. Cover page:  [download#8#size]
    2. Study Pledge:  [download#9#size]
    3. Monthly Plan & To-Do’s:  [download#10#size]
    4. Daily Planner & Journal Page:  [download#11#size]

    Extra Pages (Coming Soon)

    1. Weekly Journal Prompts
    2. Monthly Reflection
    3. Holiday Planner & Journal Tasks
    4. Progress Tracker


    I suggest using the sweet and simple Management Files. It’s cost effective and durable. I use Campap and A-Star brands with my students. This is a picture of how it looks in my student’s file:

    Have fun teaching and thank you for checking it out! Leave a comment if you’d like to ask me anything. Here’s a flipthrough.

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    KSSM English Form 1 Teaching Organiser 2017

    Hello everyone. I am not teaching Form 1 this year, but as a meticulous planner, Bujoer and English KSSM JU for PPD Pasir Mas, I feel compelled to create and share my version of the Teaching Organiser. Please check back for new uploads and updates. As I was involved with SPM marking that concluded on 22 December and then university matters the following week, I am a bit slow in picking up the pace. Better late than never, tho, right? This blog entry will house my KSSM Teaching Organiser files and other related uploads. Feel free to bookmark this page 🙂 Click on the file name OR the button to download.

     1. [download#6#size] [easy_media_download url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=6″ text=”Download” color=”pink” width=”90″]

    2. [download#7#size] [easy_media_download url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=7″ text=”Download” color=”pink” width=”90″]

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