• CEFR-Aligned SPM Paper 2 Writing,  Part 3 - Report

    [SPM Writing] – Report on a Visit to a Book Fair

    Your school librarians have attended a book fair. As the secretary, you have been asked to write a report to your Principal about the visit. In your report, you must:

    • share the details of the book fair
    • state the advantages of attending a book fair
    • give a recommendation for a better book fair in the future

    Sample Answer

    To: Madam Jasmine Teh Hua, The Principal of SMK Merah
    From: Adleen Izreena, Secretary of SMKM School Librarians
    Title: Report on the Visit to Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair

    A visit to the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair was made by a group of 10 school librarians on 25 January 2024. The latest books and resources available for the school library were explored by them.

    Details of the Book Fair
    The book fair was organised by the Malaysian Book Publishers Association at the Putra World Trade Centre and featured over 500 exhibitors from various countries. Some talks and workshops by local and international authors as well as publishers were also attended by the librarians.

    Advantages of Attending a Book Fair
    First and foremost, the librarians were exposed to a wide range of books and genres that could be considered for the school library collection. They were also able to gain more insights by connecting with other librarians and book industry celebrities. Lastly, the librarians were inspired to promote a culture of reading and learning among the students and teachers.

    Recommendation for a Better Book Fair in the Future
    Despite the positive experience, some drawbacks were also encountered by the librarians at the book fair. Firstly, the venue was crowded and noisy, making it difficult to browse and read the books comfortably. Secondly, the prices of some books were too high, especially for imported books. Therefore, the librarians recommend that the next book fair should be held at a bigger and quieter venue. The publishers can consider offering more discounts and incentives for bulk purchases.

    In conclusion, the book fair is deemed advantageous by the librarians. It is hoped that in the future, the book fair will be more enjoyable and accessible.

  • CEFR,  CEFR-Aligned SPM Paper 2 Writing,  Form 5 Lessons & Activities,  Part 1 Short Communicative Messages

    [PDF] SPM Mini Writing Module (Part 1: Short Communicative Messages)

    Good morning! Sorry for disappearing. I was quite busy with a lot of things the past few months. I hope everyone’s doing well despite the current pandemic.

    Today I’d like to share part 1 of a mini writing module I made for my students. This handout is printer-friendly and consists of 4 pages: 1 sample question, 1 sample answer with answering tips, 2 practice questions and 2 self-check checklists. I will upload part 2 and part 3 a bit later.

    ** When awarding marks, do remember that the expected performance level for Paper 2, Part 1 is A2. They’re not expected to come up with colourful idioms or flowery expressions at this level.

    Download the file below:
    SPM Mini Writing Module Part 1 (12542 downloads )

    SPM Mini Writing Module Part 1 (12542 downloads )
  • SPM Paper 1 Directed Writing,  Writing Tips

    SPM English 1119 Focus on Directed Writing – Seminar Handouts

    Assalamualaikum and hello 😀 It’s now March and SPM is approaching fast. Before long, candidates are going to find themselves busy with extra classes, projects, seminars, workshops and frantic revision hours. I can’t remember how it was for me back in 2004 but I definitely remember crying tears of stress along the way LOL. I hope the younger generations have it better. Information is abundance today, unlike then. Broadband was a luxury. Narrowband was all we had until much, much later.

    This morning, I was given the opportunity to conduct a two-hour long seminar at Damaisari Tawang, Bachok for SPM candidates from  SMK Dato’ Mahmud Paduka Raja (2). Thumbs up to the organising committee for choosing such a conducive venue! The seminar hall was massive! Since I prefer workshops where students are more actively involved, I struggled internally at first with what to say. I mean, I have so much to say 😆 Adjustments had to be made since I decided to focus on writing only. Feel free to click on the links below to download some handouts.

    Download: Directed Writing (DW) Format Recap for Quick Revision (2562 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Handout-DW-Format-Recap-1.pdf” title=”Handout – DW Format Recap”]

    Download:  Introduction to the English 1119 Paper and Quick Tips (3042 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Introduction-to-English-1119-Paper-and-Quick-Tips.pdf” title=”Introduction to English 1119 Paper and Quick Tips”]

    I went into continuous writing for a bit but we didn’t spend too long due to time restraint. We did discuss the figurative language/ narrative styles a bit. Here’s what we covered:

    Download:  Writing Tips - Tell versus Show (4282 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Handout-Tell-versus-Show.pdf” title=”Handout – Tell versus Show”]

    Thanks for the opportunity! I hope they got something from my short visit. Good luck for UP1, too 😀