[Google Forms] CEFR: Mini Placement Test

Here’s a short test you can use to help you understand your new pupils at the beginning of every academic calendar.
Number of Questions: 25 questions (multiple choices, auto graded) Disclaimer: This test is based on the online test by Cambridge University Press & Assessment.

You can refer to this to help you prepare differentiation strategies.

Have a good day and happy lesson planning~

2 thoughts on “[Google Forms] CEFR: Mini Placement Test

  1. Dear ms Adlina,

    Hi how are you? I am talha form perlis. I would like to get your permission to upload your adapted CEFR Mini Placement test for my students.

    Thank you.


    1. I’m doing well, thank you. You can freely take any material shared on this site ^^
      Thank you so much for stopping by.
      All the best to your students.

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