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[Form 4] Module 3: Buy It! Online Lessons & Activities Part 1 (Intro. & Reading)

Hello everyone! No matter what time of day it is, I hope you’re doing fine! Since the MCO is further extended (and experts predict that this partial lockdown might continue), I’ve decided to introduce a more interactive online lesson for both form 4 as well. I will start covering Module 3 of the prescribed textbook (Full Blast Plus 4) as I assume everyone is done with the first and second modules (do let me know otherwise).

Today, we’ll cover the introduction (p.37), the reading text (p.38) and the questions on (p.39). This blog entry goes through each slide and interactive activities.

Click the link below to download the slides in slideshow format:

FBP4 Module 3: Buy It! Online Lessons & Activities Part 1 (Intro. & Reading) (397 downloads)

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For embedded lesson version, continue scrolling and have fun!

Activity 1: Opinion Polls

Do you think shopping is a chore or a leisure activity?

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When was the last time you went shopping?

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Activity 2: Vocabulary Match
Match each phrase to its correct definition.

Activity 3: Opinion Polls

How often do you buy things over the internet?

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What is your opinion about buying things online? You may choose more than one answer.

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Activity 4: Reading

Activity 5.1: MCQ

Activity 5.2: Vocabulary Match

Activity 6: Opinion Polls

Which of the items would you most like to buy? (You may choose more than one answer)

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Do you find any of these items useless? (Give a reason by leaving a comment)

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Activity 7: Homework

Module 3: Buy It! Online Lessons & Activities Part 2
(Grammar & Vocabulary Lesson 1)

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  • Dell

    Hi Adlina.. Well done, what a great effort you have made here. Your posts here do help me out with my lesson a lot. Keep it up and continue to inspire others.

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