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    Sing to the Dawn Novel @ Open Library

    Hello fellow teachers and students. By now, I hope everyone has finished reading (ahem) and analysing this novel. If you haven’t don’t start panicking. Left the book at school? Don’t panic too!

    All you need is a free Virtual Library Card from Internet Archive/Open Library. You can sign up with your existing Google account or your choice of sign up options, go to your mailbox to verify your e-mail address and done. You can login to Open Library and have virtual access to more books than you can ever read.

    Here is the link to the digitised version of Minfong Ho’s Sing to the Dawn novel (this link is completely legal, no worries!)


    Click BORROW to start reading the novel. You can borrow the novel for 13 days!

    Students! You can use the On-the-Go Reading Organiser & Revision Companion to read and analyse the novel as you go along!

    p.s/ If you are familiar with Adobe Digital Editions reader, you can download the acsm file in ePub or PDF format (but I strongly suggest choosing the PDF format because the OCR doesn’t digitise some words and names correctly (e.g Takchit became Takehit instead!)

    Happy reading!

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    OTG Reading Organiser & Revision Companion (for SPM Novels)

    Good afternoon! Today I would like to share the template I’ve used with my students for a few years to read, analyse and understand the novel. Yes, I am painfully aware that some people choose to only read the chapter synopses instead of the whole package deal.

    I believe that reading the novel in full and critically analysing it as you go will not only help you answer every kind of novel question thrown your way easily, but it will also help you with your English as a whole. After all, one of the best ways to master a language is to READ A LOT.

    The organiser is simple! Here is a blank template and below it are some examples of filled columns to demonstrate how it’s used. Click the download button to download the file (next to the zoom option).

    **sample inputs are based on classroom discussions of the novel Sing to the Dawn by Minfong Ho

    Tips: If you have an iPad or a tablet with a pen/ stylus (or a computer with a pen input), you can use handwriting -friendly apps to duplicate the pages.
    Tips 2: You can also print the handout and duplicate page 2.

    Happy reading AND writing. Reading helps you climb stairs but writing will help you reach the next level 😉

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    SPM English 1119 Focus on Directed Writing – Seminar Handouts

    Assalamualaikum and hello 😀 It’s now March and SPM is approaching fast. Before long, candidates are going to find themselves busy with extra classes, projects, seminars, workshops and frantic revision hours. I can’t remember how it was for me back in 2004 but I definitely remember crying tears of stress along the way LOL. I hope the younger generations have it better. Information is abundance today, unlike then. Broadband was a luxury. Narrowband was all we had until much, much later.

    This morning, I was given the opportunity to conduct a two-hour long seminar at Damaisari Tawang, Bachok for SPM candidates from  SMK Dato’ Mahmud Paduka Raja (2). Thumbs up to the organising committee for choosing such a conducive venue! The seminar hall was massive! Since I prefer workshops where students are more actively involved, I struggled internally at first with what to say. I mean, I have so much to say 😆 Adjustments had to be made since I decided to focus on writing only. Feel free to click on the links below to download some handouts.

    Download: Directed Writing (DW) Format Recap for Quick Revision (2562 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Handout-DW-Format-Recap-1.pdf” title=”Handout – DW Format Recap”]

    Download:  Introduction to the English 1119 Paper and Quick Tips (3042 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Introduction-to-English-1119-Paper-and-Quick-Tips.pdf” title=”Introduction to English 1119 Paper and Quick Tips”]

    I went into continuous writing for a bit but we didn’t spend too long due to time restraint. We did discuss the figurative language/ narrative styles a bit. Here’s what we covered:

    Download:  Writing Tips - Tell versus Show (4282 downloads )
    [pdf-embedder url=”http://helloadlina.my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Handout-Tell-versus-Show.pdf” title=”Handout – Tell versus Show”]

    Thanks for the opportunity! I hope they got something from my short visit. Good luck for UP1, too 😀


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    [For Teachers] Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers

    Assalamualaikum and good day, it’s been a while since I last posted anything. Life’s been super busy as usual. I’m back to share my version of the Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers (SMK). I made both the KSSM and KBSM versions. Feel free to use them if you think they are suitable for you.

    Many states have opted to forgo the traditional book and switch to a more portable medium, mine included. The lesson plan I made is largely based on the three-part-lesson planner. Originally, a three-part lesson is an “inquiry-based learning method used to teach mathematics” overseas. Under Dr. Amin’s guidance (IPGKKB), I started to draft a new lesson plan template that would better reflect PdPcA21 activities for my school. However, to create a one-size-fits-all template is almost impossible because we have not yet fully transitioned to KSSM. So, I decided to come up with different versions instead.

    Pssst… When you open the file, do read the little notes on the right for extra info 😛

    Special Features:
    Drop-down lists for standards, specifications, etc, notes, editable basic Data (time, class name, ..) and a one-click Export to PDF function!
    Requirement: Excel 2010 and newer on Windows -or- Excel for Mac 2011 and newer

    1. Before opening this file, make sure you have the DEVELOPER TAB on the ribbon (how to).
    2. Click Enable Editing or Enable Content when you open the file.
    3. Go to Developer tab and click Macro Security. Choose “Enable all macros”, save the settings and close the dialogue box.
    4. Close the file and reopen it. You can start editing away, yay! Choose the sheet you want to edit.
    5. The default filename for the export to pdf function is “WorksheetName_DayMonthYear_HourMinute.pdf”

    Editable Interactive Daily Lesson Plan Template for Secondary School English Teachers (10641 downloads )

    V1.1 – Uploaded 30 December 2017
    V1.2 – Uploaded 02 January 2018, edited the Data sheet and rearranged a few columns.

    Sidenote: I created this document on a Mac but this template is best used on a Windows machine. On a Mac, you won’t be able to use the “Export to PDF  & Save” option. Regardless, you can still Save as Pdf  normally from the Print Dialogue (command+P).

    Requirement: Pdf viewer (e.g Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, etc)

    For those who wish to stick to the traditional ways, you may want to just download and print as many physical copies of the template as you like.



    V1.1 – Uploaded 30 December 2017
    V1.2 – Edited a typo. Thanks for pointing it out!

    That’s all from me for now. Inshaa Allah I will upload the 2018 version of my printable English student planner tomorrow along with some other things. See you soon!

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