Sing to the Dawn Novel @ Open Library

Hello fellow teachers and students. By now, I hope everyone has finished reading (ahem) and analysing this novel. If you haven’t don’t start panicking. Left the book at school? Don’t panic too!

All you need is a free Virtual Library Card from Internet Archive/Open Library. You can sign up with your existing Google account or your choice of sign up options, go to your mailbox to verify your e-mail address and done. You can login to Open Library and have virtual access to more books than you can ever read.

Here is the link to the digitised version of Minfong Ho’s Sing to the Dawn novel (this link is completely legal, no worries!)

Click BORROW to start reading the novel. You can borrow the novel for 13 days!

Students! You can use the On-the-Go Reading Organiser & Revision Companion to read and analyse the novel as you go along!

p.s/ If you are familiar with Adobe Digital Editions reader, you can download the acsm file in ePub or PDF format (but I strongly suggest choosing the PDF format because the OCR doesn’t digitise some words and names correctly (e.g Takchit became Takehit instead!)

Happy reading!

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